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While you focus on other priorities, we take care of your urgent delivery.

Wings on Board premium onboard courier / hand carry services is ready to always respond to your most demanding challenges.

Our global network of 2,300 professional couriers in 120 countries is available 24/7 and trained to meet your requirements and committed to provide the fastest and most secure solution available for airport-to-airport / door-to-door services.

Regardless the industry we are ready to Wings it:



Life Science & Healthcare

High Tech

Oil & Gas

High End Fashion

Ship Spares & Marine


Wings on Board could provide a detailed plan in 15 – 30 minutes, including all related costs from pick-up to final delivery plus any additional costs for services required, for example customs clearance. On the other hand, having a courier on standby and ready is essential. Just few minutes after confirmation the courier could be on the way to the pick-up address.

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