WINGS tracking options WINGS clients are able to monitor consignments in real time. Each WINGS delivery is allocated a tracking number which allows checkin on the WINGS website giving our customers a clear insight int the angel’s whereabouts and milestones. WINGS has invested in a state-of-the-art system in order to facilitate tracking and tracing options. Additionally, each angel takes pictures of the contents of the consignment and of the documents which are being transported in order to provide customers with full visibility. The associated documentation and images are available to our customers on a personal tracking page of the WINGS website.
WINGS has invested and developed a cutting edge application to ensure full transparency and control of shipments. Angels have the WINGS app installed on their smartphone allowing them to communicate with the Global Operations Team and clients. In other words, where the client is able to track and trace their angel online via the WINGS website, angels are able to share their location, milestones and any questions they have on the app. The app is linked to the website allowing important information to update automatically, giving our clients real-time information. The WINGS app