Track & trace

Follow your consignment and our OBC, from pick-up to delivery.

Wings on Board customers are able to monitor their consignment in real time: each Wings on Board consignment gets allocated a tracking number, which serves as your personal login for the Wings on Board website. There you will find the location of our courier and the status of your consignment.

We have developed a state-of-the-art IT system to make tracking and tracing easy for you. In order to provide full transparency, our couriers take pictures of the content and of the documents of your consignment and upload them to your personal tracking page on the Wings on Board website.

Wings app

Our OBCs are equipped with the Wings on Board app on their smartphone, allowing them to communicate 24/7 with the Wings on Board Control Tower.

The OBC who takes care of your consignment will share his location and the milestones through the app. The app is linked to the Wings on Board website, allowing important information to be updated automatically.

The moment you’ll check your personal page of the Wings on Board website, we guarantee that the information provided is accurate and real time.