Interview with our Operations Manager Sander Vergeer

The WOF Expo interviewed our Operations Manager Sander Vergeer for their exhibition in Prague that took place on 12-13 October 2022. You can read the interview below.

1.  Wings on Board is a premium onboard courier / hand carry service provider with global coverage, what differentiates you from the competition?
First, we have a database with more than 2.600 couriers in 120 countries who are located worldwide. Because of this broad network of couriers, we can find a courier close to any departure airport to offer a quick and reliable solution to our clients. Secondly, our business model is that we only work with Freight Forwarders.

Currently we are implementing an ERP, and this will change the way we work. Our client will receive automated milestone updates by email and via a secured link the client is able to follow the shipment online (Track & Trace). We are really excited about this new feature.

2.  Speed and Reliability is key in your business segment, how do you ensure highest standards?
The amazing team with Operations Specialists at our OBC Desk are available 24/7/365 , they are key in our organisation and have a high knowledge and experience about the OBC business. Located in The Netherlands, USA, and India so we cover all time zones.

We have set certain standards of our service process like establishing a clear understanding of expected performance, so our team knows what to do and creating consistency in service delivery.

3. How important is the CEE region for your business?
The CEE region is very important for Wings on Board. Automotive, Aerospace and Life Science & Health Care are industries with highest demand for time critical transportation and the Automotive industry has steadily increased in Central Eastern Europe. Approximately one in three vehicles are produced in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, so we want to be close to our customers in these markets to support with OBC deliveries when time and security is vital.

4. Why did you decide to join WOF Expo Prague 2022 as exhibitor and how to you judge the importance of a regional transport & logistics platform like WOF Events for the CEE region?
This is a great opportunity to meet with Freight Forwarders from the CEE region. We feel this well organised WOF Event is the place to be to meet current and potential customers.
5. Beside of being ready 24/7 for 365 days a year and a high-quality transport service, customs processes could be an unexpected hurdle and create potential delays – how do you prepare for this?
Yes, indeed the customs processes can be challenging but due to the fact we have an extensive network of customs brokers all over the world we are able to assist in most cases. We have a dedicated person within our Wings team who is involved in acquiring new customs brokers in countries where we don’t have coverage yet. Currently we have customs brokers in more than 40 countries, and we are still adding more counties.  
6. What do you especially recommend to your customers when it comes to onboard courier / hand carry services?
Sending your shipment with an On Board Courier is the fastest and most reliable transportation option which is the best solution for most serious time sensitive challenges and we would suggest to trust this challenge to a reliable partner.

Not every shipment is suitable to transport with an OBC. Each airline has its own baggage policy so for each shipment we check which airline and route fits best with the cargo. Our team can tell you so much more about this.

About Wings on Board

Wings on Board is a respected, independent and award-winning On Board Courier provider founded in 2014 and locatated at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Wings provides 24/7/365 premium OBC services worldwide and offers a unique logistics solution to its customers. We have an unparalleled worldwide network of > 2.600 couriers in 120 countries, dedicated to deliver time critical priority and emergency cargo, anytime, anywhere.

Wings onboard couriers are well trained and capable to deliver large consignments that comply with all national/international and airline ordinance. This includes check-in & excess baggage, dangerous goods (hazmat) and temperature-controlled items. What sets Wings on Board apart is the   thorough knowledge of local customs regulations in the most diverse countries and the way in which declarations must be done. 

Industries served:

Automotive, Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Marine, Healthcare, Fashion, High-Tech, Events