HAE Group GSA for Wings on Board in South America

Wings on Board is pleased to announce that effective 01 July 2021, HAE Group is representing Wings on Board as GSA in Argentina, Brazil and Chile.

‘With the coverage of these South American countries, 3 important blanc spots on our OBC expansion roadmap are now filled’ states Hielke Hager, Managing Director Wings on Board.

HAE Group is an Air Cargo Solutions provider to the global transportation industry. ‘We are delighted that Wings on Board have shown confidence in our solutions driven capabilities in Brazil, Chile and Argentina. Their premium onboard courier services fits perfectly with the HAE portfolio of GSSA+ services’ says Neville Karai, Group Managing Director HAE

About Wings on Board

Wings on Board is a respected, independent and award-winning On Board Courier provider founded in 2014 at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Wings   provides 24/7/365 premium OBC services worldwide and offers a unique logistics solution to its customers. Wings OB  has an unparalleled worldwide network of > 2300 couriers in >120 countries, dedicated to deliver time critical priority and emergency cargo, anytime, anywhere.

Wings onboard couriers are well trained and capable to deliver large consignments that comply with all national/international and airline ordinance, also under  the current COVID-19 situation. This includes check-in & excess baggage, dangerous goods (hazmat) and temperature-controlled items. What sets Wings on Board apart is the   thorough knowledge of local customs regulations in the most diverse countries and the way in which declarations must be done. 

Industries served:

Automotive, Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Marine, Healthcare, Fashion